Diversely talented and deeply interconnected, we work together on every project we undertake to guarantee that our clients benefit from our wide range of perspectives and experiences. Each one of our associates plays a part in our success, and we will all play a part in yours.




PRINCIPAL  As founder and principal of DCA, Doug spearheads all new business and consulting efforts and oversees the creation and execution of comprehensive communication, advertising, and public relations plans for the agency’s clients. In addition, Doug directs all development and sales consulting initiatives undertaken by the agency. Doug is involved with all aspects of the agency and prides himself on being available and accessible to everyone engaged in the business.

In 1988, at the age of 24, he founded Doug Carpenter Advertising. The agency achieved early success with clients in the multi-family real estate category and grew to add finance, arts, sports, education, entertainment, and retail to its portfolio. It was in these early years that his philosophy of client service and opportunity cultivation was developed.

In 2001, he added a partner and changed the name of the agency to carpenter/sullivan. Among its many accomplishments was the critical role the firm played in attracting and promoting the move of the Vancouver Grizzlies NBA franchise to Memphis.

In 2006, the agency acquired Sossaman + Associates, forming carpenter/sullivan/sossaman (cs2), and grew into one of the largest advertising firms in the region with over 40 employees and considerable recognition for creative work.

In 2009, Doug sold cs2 and founded doug carpenter & associates as a full-service advertising, public relations, and consulting firm, which is now DCA and housed in 11 W. Huling, a historic downtown property Doug purchased in 2017.

A dedicated Memphian, Doug is active in many civic endeavors. He is a former Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Downtown Memphis Ministries, Inc., a former member of the University of Memphis Tigers Athletic Advisory Board of Directors, was founding Chairman of the Board of Crosstown Arts, and is a member of Soulsville Foundation Advocates International.

Doug was a member of the investment teams behind Tennessee Brewery: Untapped, an innovative 6-week previtalization event highlighting unexplored opportunities for historic properties, as well as founding investor and marketer of Loflin Yard. He founded and led fund development and public engagement for bringing a bike share system to Memphis, an effort that has since yielded Explore Bike Share, a privately-funded 501(c)3 organization. Doug also guided public communications and engagement for civic efforts including Big River Strategic Initiative, Mighty Lights, Memphis Greenspace, and the Memphis Public Libraries.


Founder and fund development lead of Explore Bike Share

Co-founder and marketing partner of Tennessee Brewery: Untapped & Loflin Yard

Marketing partner of Big River Strategic Initiative

Directed the communication efforts for the recruitment of an NBA franchise for Memphis

Guided fund development of over $25 million for the Salvation Army’s Kroc Center

Assembled the investor group to purchase The Racquet Club of Memphis and ATP and WTA tennis tournaments in 2008

Launched two national campaigns for Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau

Launched national campaign for Dunavant, a Memphis-based logistics and transportation company, and its subsidiaries

Founding Chairman of the Board of Crosstown Arts and original communications liaison on Crosstown development team

Managed international media introduction of Memphis Greenspace’s renowned legal removal of Memphis’ Confederate statues




SENIOR ART DIRECTOR  A former professor at the University of Alabama, Mollie’s gifted in both researching and communicating design concepts. Her ability to find relevant influencers and combine them in a unique way provides the visual foundation for our work. 


Led the rebranding efforts of Financial Federal and Bring It Food Hub

Designed the branding and guerrilla marketing efforts of Live Up Front

Art-directed and designed award-winning Grizzlies Foundation collateral

Designed branding for Big River Strategic Initiative and Big River Crossing





COPY CHIEF  With only 26 letters, Andria mixes up the right combinations to make people think and feel things they hadn’t before. Her background includes journalism, technical writing, and creative non-fiction, providing the flexibility to meet any textual need. 


Developed campaigns for clients including Folk’s Folly, Tennessee Brewery Untapped/Revival, Explore Bike Share, Memphis Grizzlies Riverfront Fitness Trail

2015 recipient of Ward S Archer Memorial Award for Outstanding Copywriting

Founder of Folk All Y'all, a Memphis-based music series dedicated to presenting, promoting, and celebrating singer-songwriters

Freelance writer for multiple local and national publications, including The Chicago Tribune, The Memphis Flyer, and Memphis Parent




SENIOR ART DIRECTOR  John David’s ability to use a pen and a mouse at the same time isn’t the only indicator of his ambidextrous nature. With intense creative energy camouflaged by a quiet façade, John David has a broad and award-winning body of work inside a design portfolio that grows more impressive by the day. 


Designed award-winning branding campaigns for Loflin Yard, Tennessee Brewery: Untapped, the Grizzlies Foundation, Humphrey's, Explore Bike Share, and 11 W. Huling

Led the environmental design of Oak Hall's entrance to Nashville's Hill Center

Launched the international brand of Hampton Inn & Suites and developed internal communications for HomewoodSuites and Embassy Suites Hotels.  




SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER  Abbie’s curiosity and energy drive an unflagging desire to discover new things while serving a diverse array of clients. Her digital campaign experience and hometown loyalty are well suited to a growing role in Memphis’ continued evolution. 


Managed video marketing efforts for Pilot Flying J, Ole Smoky Moonshine, and Petsafe

Led digital ad campaign research studies for national clients including the NBA, Sprint, Mars, Clorox, and Samsung




SENIOR PR + SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER  Who better to understand the power of online connection than someone who hasn’t known a time without it? Equal parts writer, strategist, and collaborator, Cara advances social media engagement and cultivates relationships between clients, media, and the community.


Leads media relations on behalf of entire DCA client roster

Consults social media strategy for clients including Explore Bike Share, Mighty Lights, and Folk’s Folly

Managed international media introduction of Memphis Greenspace’s renowned legal removal of Memphis' confederate statues

Led international public relations launch of Big River Crossing, the world's longest public pedestrian-auto-rail bridge

Founder of Caramelized food and lifestyle blog, which was named three-time winner of "Best Blog" by readers of The Commercial Appeal




ART DIRECTOR  With a photographer’s eye, a designer’s hand, an animator’s skill, and an MBA-student’s savvy, Erin creates visual projects that illuminate our abilities and elevate our clients. A Birmingham transplant, she brings a fresh perspective and appreciation for DCA’s civic engagement.


Worked on photography and design for the City of Talladega’s award-winning brand development

Received Graphic Design USA Packaging Award

Designed book layouts and collateral materials for an international humanitarian aid organization

Honored as Auburn University’s School of Industrial and Graphic Design’s Outstanding Undergraduate Student





ACCOUNT COORDINATOR  Her inquisitiveness and conscientiousness made Sophie the perfect summer intern, and then the perfect fall intern, and then inevitably our next perfect associate. She adds a global perspective and adaptable nature to help the accounts team not only stay on track, but better see the path ahead. 


Published research: “Is There a Bubble to Burst? College Students’ Spatial Perception of Campus”

Coordinated fundraising activities for The Connecticut Cancer Foundation garnering $100,000

Presented "Hashtags for Business Purposes" to Eastern Connecticut Chamber of Commerce




DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS  It’s a handy coincidence that her name rhymes with “I need a,” because we know Anita will meet any request. Within reason and budget, of course. Her vast experience herding creatives and managing managers gives Anita the wisdom and authority to keep our ship in shape. She is the eyes, ears, and heart of DCA. 


Manages daily functional aspects of DCA, including office management, client invoicing, and oversight of all media operations.

Placed and delivered all print media, received and processed all client and media invoices, and supervised media schedules for clients while working as media coordinator and traffic supervisor at Sullivan Branding.

Supervised television scheduling and logged commercial spots for air while working as traffic manager for WREG Television.




DIRECTOR OF ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT  True to her marathoner nature, Andrea is in it for the long run. She combines her knowledge of all facets of our business – strategic, design, and production – with dedication to each client’s specific needs. She advocates and challenges, diligent in pursuit of both the best solution and its execution, with an attention to detail balanced with her ability to see the big picture.


Manages DCA account service team

Led the strategic rebranding campaigns of clients including Financial Federal, Dunavant, Mayo Mallette, Burleigh Consulting, Peer Power Foundation, and Humphrey’s

Rejuvenated strong, iconic Memphis brands like Folk’s Folly Prime Steak House and Oak Hall with a fresh perspective

Immediate Past President of AAF Memphis, where she led a 60% membership increase over 3 years and brought national recognition to Memphis through first-place club programming

Regular advertising/public relations columnist for Inside Memphis Business

Adjunct advertising professor at the University of Memphis Department of Journalism

Member of the University of Memphis President’s PR Task Force