Weeks from destruction, a piece of history needed to attract its next tenant.

Abandoned for more than 60 years, the historic Tennessee Brewery was slated for demolition when we decided to test a new concept that would reveal the potential of the building. Rather than calling for the building’s preservation, we focused on demonstrating its value, creating a situation that would bring the community to the desired conclusion that the building should be saved. This "previtalization" effort transformed the empty, dilapidated space into a thriving courtyard filled with food trucks and live music, while the inspiring indoor areas hosted a bar, game room, and local art. [More than 25,000 visitors from across the globe enjoyed Untapped over six spring weekends.] The overwhelmingly positive response motivated local developer Billy Orgel to purchase the building and transform it into a mixed-use apartment complex that reached 100% leasing capacity in record time.